Club Championships

Each year we run a Club Championship's competition that is for all members of York Triathlon Club.

At the end of the season we have an Awards & Presentation Social Evening where the winners of the various categories are presented with their prize.


For 2018 we wanted to mix things up a little, and the committee has agreed to a new format.


There are two categories of award:


1. New Members

2. Continuing Members

New Members

There will be an award for the best placed Female and Male new member in the Senior, V40+ and V50+ categories (6 awards in total) from the following local races:


  • Driffield Triathlon
  • Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon
  • Allerthorpe Classic Triathlon
  • Sundowner Sprint Triathlon
  • Tadcaster Triathlon
  • Wetherby Triathlon
  • Castle Howard Super Sprint Triathlon
  • Castle Howard Olympic Triathlon

Continuing Members

There will be an award for best improved performance by any Female or Male continuing member in the Senior, V40+ and V50+ categories (6 awards in total).


This will be measured by one simple metric - the best % improvement in time by the individual in the same race in consecutive, or previous 2, years.


It can be any race. There will be no allowances made for weather conditions etc. and the results must be verifiable (i.e. current and previous years results must be available on the internet).

It will be near impossible for us to monitor all of the races that our members are taking part in, new or returning, so in order to be elegible for an award you will need to submit your races and times to us via email and the committee will then base the awards on all entries submitted.


We WILL verify all races and times, and whether or not you are submitting for the correct category etc, so no creative licenses please. You can submit more than one race, and can do so all at once at the end of the season, or if you prefer you can submit as you complete each race and we will collate the information as the season progresses.


Email your entries to:


We believe that this new format will be inclusive to all as well as giving everyone the challenge of improving their performances year on year. But remember, you have to be in it to win it, so make sure to submit your races and times! If we don't know about them then you won't be in the running.


The winners of each category will receive a superb trophy to mark your achievement, and braggings rights of your sporting prowess for the rest of the year!

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