Bike Program

Chain Gang

Monday's 6:15 - 8:00pm

A weekly session from April to September. Fast paced and designed to make you work hard, but different groups for different abilities.

Chain Gang

Wednesday's 6:30-8:30pm

A weekly session from April to September. Fast paced and designed to make you work hard, but different groups for different abilities.

Group Ride

Saturday's from 10am

We aim to put on a group ride every other Saturday starting at 10am. See Clubhouse for meet location and details of route and type of ride.

*** NEW FOR 2018 ***



We've made a change to our weekly Group Ride system, and one that we hope is a positive step change.


Our group rides will now be colour coded, with each colour reflecting the distance, pace and severity of the planned ride. Green being a beginner friendly ride, Amber being a steadier pace but nothing too serious, and Red rides being a faster more focused ride for those that want to get the fast miles in.


We aim to run one green ride, two amber rides and one red ride every month.

Description Social Ride with Cafe Stop

Faster Social Ride

with possible Cafe Stop

Longer Social Ride

with possible Cafe Stop

Approx. Distance Up to 30 Miles Up to 70 Miles Up to 100 Miles
Drop/No Drop Policy No Drop - No one left behind! No Drop - No one left behind! Drop - but RV along the route
More Info The ‘Green’ ride in particular endeavours to give newcomers an insight into club cycling. Suitable for relative newcomers to cycle sport, regular participation in this group will lead to improved fitness, better bike handling skills and more confident group riding technique to enable riders to progress to other Club rides or competition. Rides are tailored to meet the aspirations/abilities of all the riders and rides may be altered, or split en route as required, to accommodate individual fitness levels. All types of bikes can be ridden on these rides.

Suitable for experienced riders who are comfortable riding in a group.


This Group is aimed at experienced riders who want a longer ride and are comfortable riding longer distances in a group.


The Group usually averages

15-17 mph.


Road Bikes are required for this type of ride.


Group Ride etiquette should be observed. See below.

Suitable for experienced riders who are comfortable riding at speed in a group and intending to race.


Pace is likely to be 17 mph or greater, but will be determined on the day based on the riders that attend.


You should ideally have attended a Green & Amber Ride prior.


Road Bikes are required for this type of ride.


Group Ride etiguette should be observed. See below.

Monday Night Chain Gang: Chain gang is a fast paced group style ride that is designed to make you work hard. The aim is to ride as a group (usually using a rotating pace line) as fast as possible whilst being able to maintain the pace over a longer period of time/distance. It is not unusual for someone to get "dropped" during this session. It isn't a session for the faint-hearted, but it is a session that will massively improve your bike skills and stamina, and improve your overall speed. The more people that attend the session, the more scope there is for splitting the chain gang into a faster and steadier group in order to cater for all abilities. This session meets at the end of York Racecourse on the corner of Knavesmire Road where the bike park is.


Wednesday Night Handling/Skills: A superb session for all abilities of rider, and especially good for those new to Group Riding. We run this session from the outdoor Bike Circuit at York Sports Village. It is a closed circuit so the only traffic on it will be other bike riders. You can choose to simply ride laps of the circuit, or participate in a coached handling/skills session, lead by Ian. It can often be cold due on the cycle circuit due to its exposed location so please wrap up warm. On arrival, pay the £4 Pay-to-Play fee at the York Sport Reception, then head down to the cycle circuit and sign-on in the Portakabin. The session will start at 6:30pm (although you can join in late if you can't make it on time) and will finish at 7:30pm. You can continue to use the circuit until 8pm when it closes, although directly after this session we also deliver a Running Technique and Skills Session 7:30-8:30pm delvered by our Run Lead, Marie. It is a great opportunity to get in some "Brick Training", ahead of the Summer Season.


Saturday Group Ride: Each Saturday we aim to put on a Group Ride. As per the above framework we aim to provide one Green Ride, two Amber Rides, and one Red Ride a month, in order to cater for all levels of ability. Generally speaking the rides will meet at York Racecourse at the end of the stands on the corner of Knavesmire Road, at 10am, with a view to departing soon after. The information on the ride for that day will be detailed on MyClubhouse, and the GPX File and Ride Map will (wherever possible) be published in advance to the Private Bike Group on Facebook. Some rides may start from Giant York, if the ride is heading out of York from that side. Occassionally, we may run a group ride a little bit further affield in order to catch a change in scenery. In order to make the most of time we may meet in a pre-determined location (such as a car park) in the area the ride is to take place in. For example, if we decide to lay on a hilly ride on the North York Moors then we may choose to meet closer to where the ride will take place, in order to gain more time and benefit from the ride. We will ALWAYS post the relevant and up-to-date details to MyClubhouse and Social Media. If you have Club Kit then it is always good to wear it to a ride. Not only does it help to identify you to the ride leaders, but it also helps us to advertise our club.


Never attended a Club/Group Ride before? Fear not... check out our handy guide below!

The "Basics" of Group Riding

General Guidelines


  • Ride smooth and steady all the time. No sudden, abrupt movements or over reactions to potholes, road debris, etc.
  • Never overlap wheels - that is one of the prime causes of incidents on rides. However, it is good practice when following a wheel to be just slightly offset, i.e. 3-4”, so that if there is a sudden stop you don’t immediately slam into the wheel ahead. The offset gives you some additional space to recover. This does not mean you overlap - you are still riding behind the person in front.
  • Don’t be that person who surges when it’s their turn to pull or leaves gaps in the rotation and finally never ever overlap.
  • When you see someone committing a ride foul politely say something. We are all responsible for the quality of our rides. But be polite and do not yell.
  • Ride 0.5 to 1.0 m away from the white line or edge of pavement
  • Follow the Highway Code AT ALL TIMES and be respectful of ALL ROAD USERS




Communication is essential to a good ride. Make sure you point to and call out hazards and traffic situations, but remember to do it in a polite way. Those in the mid-pack should pass these calls back so that everyone is aware. Here are the standard announcements used:

  • "Car Back" - warns riders in front that there is a car approaching from the rear and to single-up or move over to allow the car to safely pass.
  • "Car Up" - warns the group that there is a car approaching from the front. This is especially important on hilly or winding roads where visibility is limited.
  • "Single Up" - tells the group that riders need to be in single file.
  • "Car Left or Right" - warning riders at junctions that a car is approaching and might cross the path.
  • "Walker" or "Runner Up" - warning riders that there is a pedestrian on the group's side of the road
  • "Tracks" - warns of train/tram tracks
  • "Road Kill" - kind of an obvious one
  • "Hole(s)" - warning riders about dangerous (read: can cause damage or an accident) breaks in pavement. Riders can sometimes point instead of/in addition to calling the hazard, especially on roads with lots of holes.
  • "Slowing" or "Stopping" - warns riders about a change in speed. Can be done with a hand signal, but calling this is helpful, especially if a sudden/unexpected stop.
  • "On Your Left or Right" - warning riders that you are passing. Riders should always pass on the right, but if forced to pass on the left (to avoid a dangerous situation, for example) it should always be announced.




During a descent, riders should spread out farther than normal, and any paceline rotation should stop. If you want to be at the front of a decent, make sure you are at the top of the hill first! Passing each other on a downhill can be very dangerous and is discouraged. The group will regroup at the end of the descent (see Regrouping, below) so there is no need to push beyond your comfort level.




On all long climbs the group breaks any paceline formation and riders can go as hard or as easy as they wish. We will regroup at the top (see Regrouping, below). Riders are reminded to always stay to the left, which is especially important on hills, and pass on the right only. 




Regrouping is necessary to ensure the pack stays tight and all riders are accounted for. If the group becomes too spread out, the ride leader can call for a regroup at the next junction. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Regrouping is mandatory after all long climbs and major descents so that riders are not pushed beyond their comfort zones. 
  • All riders must wait at the regrouping spot. Under no circumstances should anybody soft pedal down the road. 
  • We never regroup in a manner that is unsafe or would obstruct traffic in any way. If the shoulder is too narrow, on a blind corner, or otherwise unsuitable, the group should continue until an appropriate regrouping spot is identified. All riders should pull off the road or as far to the left as possible to avoid blocking traffic.
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