Frequently Asked Questions

  • What training sessions do you offer?

    We offer a broad range of training sessions for swimming, biking and running. You can see our training schedule here.

    For any queries on training sessions please contact


  • How do I join?

    Application for membership is done through out ClubHouse system (where you can also find the latest details for upcoming events). Sign up hereFor any queries, please contact


  • Can my child join?

    If you would like to help out running the junior section of the club, please get in touch. At present we don’t have a junior section so all members must be over 18. We are planning to start a junior section and hope to be able to do this in 2015 or 2016.


  • Do I have to be of a certain standard to join?

    Absolutely not!! We welcome new members of any standard and experience. We want to encourage everyone to take part in triathlon so we especially welcome people who are completely new to triathlon and/or swimming, biking or running.


  • How much do I have to commit to join?

    You don’t have to commit at all to the club, however, we would like to promote an inclusive, welcoming and participative membership so we are always keen to encourage members to come to training sessions, social events and attach themselves to York Triathlon Club whenever and wherever they take part in triathlons.


  • I am going to do my first triathlon – how can you help or what advice would you give me?

    Just do it! And join the club! Taking part in your first triathlon is always a nerve-wracking experience no matter how much preparation you have done. The best advice is to do one and go to enjoy not to get a fast time. Secondly, joining the club will help you prepare through structured training sessions, access to experienced coaches and a network of people who are in or have been through a similar experience.


  • I am rubbish at a particular discipline, can I still join or how can you help?

    Absolutely! Most people new to triathlons have experience in one, or at most two, of the three disciplines (swimming, biking and running). We can help you to develop any areas that you might be less confident in. We tend to get a lot of enquiries about people who are concerned about swimming in particular – we’re well placed to help you with this!


  • What’s the discount code for a particular event / site?

    All current members discounts and special offers are published to the Document Download area of the Clubhouse system, with details of how to claim each discount and/or offer. If you need more information on a particular offer, or would like to suggest/recomment an offer then please email


  • What are the benefits of membership?

    - Being part of a friendly, welcoming club

    - Access to coached sessions, bike rides and social events

    - Access to other events including the York Summer Road League and Peco XC league

    - Taking part in club-only events including time trials and hill climbs

    - A wide range of Members Only Discounts, Special Offers and Other Benefits.


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