York Triathlon Club has a membership in excess of 200 athletes, of all levels of ability, and of varying experience from having never completed any kind of multi-sport race to those that have completed some of the most gruelling endurance events there are.


Our members come from all walks of life, have all different kinds of jobs, family situations, medical conditions, and all have their own reasons for being a member.


The one thing that absolutely everyone has in common however, is that we all enjoy participating in any or all of the three disciplines of Triathlon.


York Triathlon Club is a friendly, welcoming and supportive club. We are a club that takes great pride in welcoming new members, encouraging personal growth, and supporting members to achieve their full potential.


Club members benefit from a choice of daily sessions, an experienced coaching team, and a large support network of members, many of whom become great friends.

Our sessions include strength, technique and endurance for all three key triathlon disciplines - Swimming, Cycling and Running. We also provide varying sessions that work on the essential skills of triathlon including transition skills and "brick" sessions.


As well as regular training we also offer a wide variety of events to get involved in, be it team events such as Cross Country and a Summer Road Race League, or Social Events such as regular nights out, meals, and weekends away.


Members also benefit from excellent "Members Only" Special Offers and Discounts from our Club Sponsors - Giant Store York - as well as numerous other providers.


If those reasons weren't enough to convince you to join, membership of York Triathlon Club costs only £30 a year, offers 10+ Group Sessions each week (many of which are coached), and allows you to train in the safety and security of a group using some of the best facilities in the City. You don't get these kind of benefits from a monthly gym membership!

At some of our weekly training sessions we need to charge a small additional fee to cover the hire of facilities. We do this to ensure that we can have exclusive use of those facilities, allowing us to provide dedicated, focused and safe training environments for all of our members. You can find out about the additional charges on our current training schedule here. These charges are still payable even if you have a membership with the facility that the session takes place in as we are charged for time usage, not member usage.


Depending on the time of year you join York Triathlon Club we have a number of different membership options available, all of which we have outlined below.


All members have access to our MyClubhouse System that we use to manage everything from Emergency Contact Information and Membership Subs Payments to Session Attendance and Member Communications.


Because of the popularity of our sessions, those that use facilities such as a Spin Suite or Swimming Pool require members to "book on" to sessions, to ensure there is enough space to be able to participate safely.

Membership Options - New Members & Membership Renewals

NEW Member Full Year NEW Member Part Year NEW Member Part Year Returning Member

From 1st April to 31st March of the following year

From 1st September to 31st March of the following year

From 1st January to 31st March of the following year (up to 3 months FREE) All membership renewals are the cost of a full years membership
Up to 12 Months Membership Up to 7 Months Membership Up to 15 Months Membership 12 Months Membership
£40 £20 £40 £40

£50 with

EA Membership

£30 with

EA Membership

£50 with

EA Membership

£50 with

EA Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to join?


We are an Adult Triathlon Club, so all members must be aged 18 years or older to be elegible for membership.


Do you have a Junior Section?


No, not at this time. There are plans in the future for this, but due to the logistics of creating a Junior Section this is not something that will happen in 2018 or 2019. There are a number of requirements that the club must first satisfy from both a legal stand point and for our governing body - Triathlon England.


Until then, we can highly recommend the following local organisations that cater for Junior Members -


Swimming: City of York Baths Club

Cycling: Clifton Cycling Club

Running: City of York Athletics Club or York Knavesmire Harriers (16yrs+)


Does my membership include my BTF License?


No. Membership to the BTF (British Triathlon Federation) is voluntary, and is something only you can sign up for, as an individual. You can find out more about BTF Membership below.


Why would I need the membership option "Including EA Membership"?


EA (England Athletics) Membership, unlike BTF Membership, can only be applied for by your club - NOT as an individual.


If you want to participate in club events such as Cross Country and/or the Summer Road Race League then you will need an England Athletics Membership Number to prove that you are licensed (and insured) to race. If you do not have an EA Membership Number then the race organisers will not allow you to race.


If you have signup up as a YTC Member without EA Membership you can still add it by contacting our Membership Secretary.


If you already have an EA Membership Number via another club, this club is classed as your 1st Claim Club. You can add YTC as your 2nd Claim Club, and run as a YTC Member at events your 1s Claim Club is not competing at. Alternatively, for a small admin fee charged by England Athletics, you can change your 1st Claim Club to YTC.


When I renew my membership of York Triathlon Club why can I only renew for a full year?


We found that a large part of our membership renewed at the start of the year and attended sessions all year round, but a small proportion of members would not renew, and instead wait until September in order to pay half-price subs. They would however continue to race as YTC Members over the Summer, and use their membership number to allow them to receive benefits that our sponsors and other local businesses stipulate are for fully paid-up members only.


Our members that renewed at the start of the season, as well as those that kindly provide members offers and discounts, felt that this was unfair, and as such the clubs committee voted that a renewing member should only be able to renew for the full year, to ensure that they weren't unfairly benefiting where other fully paid-up members were not.


How do I become a member of York Triathlon Club?


Its a simple process. You will first need to create a MyClubhouse Account, and then submit a membership option (as detailed above). Our membership secretary will then review your application and adjust the cost accordingly, which will automatically send you an email with the various options of how to pay your subs. One of these options will be a link to pay online via PayPal. In order to use this option you DO NOT need a PayPal account. You can make payment using a standard Debit or Credit Card.


Once the membership secretary has received payment of your subs your MyClubhouse account will be activated to allow you to start booking on to sessions, and a welcome pack will be sent to the address that you registered on your MyClubhouse account, so please ensure that these details are correct. The welcome pack will include your membership card, which you will need to gain access to some of our sessions that are held at facilities such as the York Sports Village, and also to obtain members only offers and discounts with our Club Sponsors and other providers.


Why do some training sessions require me to be a 2nd Claim Member of Knavesmire Harriers?


For a number of years now we've had a relationship with York Knavesmire Harriers, and many of our members are either 1st or 2nd Claim members with them. As part of that relationship YKH allow us to attend their weekly Track and Threshold Run Sessions. However, YKH pay for the use of the University Facilities, through the clubs membership fee's, so it is only right that if you wish to attend these two sessions that you should join as a 2nd Claim member.


Of course, this is not compulsory, and we offer a number of our own Strength, Technique and Endurance based run sessions, delivered by fully qualified run leaders and coaches. All of which is included in your YTC Membership, with no additional session fee attached.


Click here to open the YKH Membership Portal.


I noticed there are York Triathlon Club Swim Lanes advertised on the York Sport Swim Timetable, but they are not listed on the current training sessions timetable. Why is this?


We have provided information on our swim page for this. However, on top of the standard club swims on a Tuesday and Friday evening we also run a Masters Swimming Program. The lanes on a morning that you see advertised on the York Sport Swim Schedule are for use by this Masters Swim Program. Anyone can be involved in Masters Swimming, but requires membership with the ASA, and prior to starting should check the "good for age" swim times to give you an idea as to whether or not this program would be suitable for you.


How do I find out more or get help?


We've done our best to try and pre-empt all of your questions either in these FAQ's or via the various pages and content on this website. However, if you still have questions, or are having problems applying for membership, then in the first instance please contact our membership secretary.

British Triathlon Federation Membership

Individual Membership

BTF Individual Membership is not included as part of your membership of York Triathlon Club. This is because BTF Membership is not compulsory. We do however recommend it.

There are a number of benefits to becoming an Individual Member of the BTF:


  • Insurance and Legal Support for Training and Racing
  • Reduced entry fees across permitted triathlon, duathlon and related multi-sport events
  • Opportunity to win Home Nation and British titles and to represent GB internationally
  • Exclusive discounts from leading partner brands


From beginner to elite, adult membership gives you everything you need for your triathlon journey.


Adult membership is suitable for everyone who is participating in triathlon and covers you when racing and training, whether you’re doing your first or one hundredth triathlon.

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