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Open Water Swimming starts at Allerthorpe lakeland Park Mid-April/Early-May depending on water temperature. Swim times can be found on their website. Many of our members swim at Allerthorpe, so if you are a little worried about going then post up on the members swim page on Facebook as we can arrange for a "buddy" to come along and swim with you.

Tuesday's Technique Swim 8-9pm

A coached swim session delivered by BTF Accredited Triathlon Coaches at York Sports Village focusing on Technique.


Meet in the reception area at 7:45pm


You will be required to show the YSV Reception Team a valid Membership Card to gain access to the pool.

Friday's Endurance Swim 7:30-9pm

A coached swim session delivered by BTF Accredited Triathlon Coaches at York Sports Village focusing on Endurance.


Meet in the reception area at 7:15pm


You will be required to show the YSV Reception Team a valid Membership Card to gain access to the pool.

Our main club swim sessions, on a Tuesday and Friday evening, are both extremely popular. So in order to attend you will need to "book on" to a session via your MyClubhouse Members Login. If you don't book on, but attend anyway, then should the session be oversubscribed priority will be given in the first instance to those members that were registered to attend.


If a members has to sign out of the session at the last moment, which happens from time-to-time due to unforseen circumstances such as being late leaving work, getting stuck in traffic, and illness, it may not always be possible for them to sign out of the session. In this instance they will do their best to post on the Club's Facebook Members Only Swim Group to say they can't make it. If you didn't initially get a space then this is a good option to monitor, just in case of any last minute sign-out's.


Tuesday evening swims commence at 8pm through until 9pm, and are fully coached sessions. Meet in the reception area at York Sports Village at 7:45pm, and upon production of a valid membership card the YSV Receptionist will allow you access to the changing rooms. Remember to take a new style £1 coin for your locker. When you have changed, make your way poolside and meet the coach at the end of the Children's Pool where everyone attending the session will be briefed on the plan for the evening. Pay the coach your £4 session fee to cover the hire of the lane and the coach will mark that you have attended the session. We often have 5 or 6 lanes available for us to use, with lane 1 a dedicated novice/beginners lane, and lane 5 or 6 being for the experienced and faster swimmers. Swimmers are then spread across the remainder of the lanes based on ability. At your first swim it would be advisable to seek the advice of the coaches as to which lane you should start off in, based on your own ability. However, if you are placed in a lane that is either too fast or too slow for you then do not be afraid to move up or down a lane until you find a pace and level of ability that is more suited to you.


Friday evening swims commence at 7:30pm through until 9pm, and again are fully coached sessions. All of the details are much the same as above, however, due to the additional time that we hire the lane for the session cost is £5. Meet in the reception area at YSV at 7:15pm. Friday evening swims have three dedicated lanes, and tend to attract a clear beginner, intermediate and advanced level of swimmer, but again, if you are attending for the first time seek guidance from the coaches as to which lane would be best for you to start in.


For both sessions, don't forget to bring with you a bottle of water or sports drink as you can soon become dehydrated when swimming focused sets in a heated indoor pool. You should also bring with you a towel/shower gell/shampoo and/or anything else you may require for after the session is complete.


There are excellent changing, shower and toilet facilities at the Sports Village.


During our swim sessions some of the sets may include specific drills that include the use of swim aids such as kick boards, hand paddles, fins and pull buoys, so if you have your own then it is advisable to bring them with you. Don't worry if not though as we do have a limited number available to use.


If you have checked the YSV Pool Timetable you may have noticed that on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, between 6am and 8am, there is a single lane marked as being used by York Triathlon Club. These sessions are not available to book on to via MyClubhouse as they are for a dedicated Masters style swim program. Anyone can join the session, but will first need to be registered to attend, and there are a series of "good for age" swim time-split guidelines that will give you an idea as to whether the session is right for you or not. This session is a smaller group following a structured session plan, and your attendance would need to be regular. If you are interested, then in the first instance drop us an email, and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


In the Summer months, open water swimming commences at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, which is approximately 20 minutes drive from York Outer Ring Road, situated just outside Pocklington. We do not currently run any open water swim sessions, but many of our members regularly swim there, so if you are swimming open water for the first time then there are always plenty of members that would be willing to swim with you. You can use our Members Only Facebook Swim Group to arrange this. There is an entry cost to swim at the park per swim, although by paying for Annual Membership to the park you receive a discounted swim price AND 10% discount in the cafe, for post-swim refuelling.

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